Howard Finster Original Paintings & Other Artists

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8x10 Monkey Painting
7x11 Youth of Jesus Painting by Howard Finster
10x10 Gourd Art Painting
10x10 Divided Earth
13 9x12 Night Before Christmas Paintings
3x5 Painted Light Bulb & Box
5x11 Baby Cheetah
Howard Finster Painted Bird House
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Howard Finster's original Paintings on this website are dated, signed and numbered. These pieces came directly from his hands to mine. ( Beverly Finster) The paintings are mostly painted on wood with an enamel background by brush or rubbed in by his fingers. He also painted on scrap wood, cut-outs, jars, cans, bottles; just about anything he put his hands on. One of the things that fascinated me as a child was when he painted a potted meat lid and sold it for $5.00, more than it was worth to start with. Now they are worth much, much more. He recycled glass and old dishes before recycling was known. You might say that he was one of  the inventors of recycling. He even took his paint scraps from buckets and painted them together and drew faces on them. He did not waste anything that he could possibly use.  Some of the wooden cut-outs are historical characters of his version of an animal, car, or something from his imagination. Some of his paintings have his Noah's Ark Dove illustrated on the back with a twig in its mouth. I could go on and on about Howard Finster, after all I am one of his greatest fans. 

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